We are pleased to announce an exciting programme of symposia connecting our theme to a wide range of related areas of research.

  • Crossing Borders with SFL: Building disciplinary literacies – chaired by Anne McCabe (Saint Louis University, Madrid), Ana Llinares (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Gail Forey (University of Bath).
    Featured speakers: Christiane Dalton-Puffer, Sally Humphrey & Rachel Whittaker, with the participation of Ruth Harman.
  • Education, Social Justice and Linguistics – chaired by David Hyatt (University of Sheffield)
    Featured speakers: Khawla Badwan, Sarah Horrod & James Simpson
  • Gunther Kress and his Impact on Multimodal Research – chaired by Martin Kaltenbacher & Hartmut Stöckl (University of Salzburg).
    Featured speakers: Elisabetta Adami, Wendy L. Bowcher, Sophia Diamantopoulou, Kay O’Halloran, Terry Royce & Janina Wildfeuer, with the participation of Theo van Leeuwen
  • Language, Critique, and Social Justice in Contemporary Capitalism – chaired by Jane Mulderrig (University of Sheffield) & Michael Farrelly (University of Hull).
    Featured speakers: Christian W. Chun, John Gray, John P. O’Regan & Karin Zotzmann, with the participation of Tom Bartlett & David Block
  • Roundtable in honour of Margaret Berry – chaired by Sheena Gardner (Coventry University)
    Featured speakers: Kristin Davidse, Lise Fontaine, Gail Forey, Anne McCabe, Sarah Jane Mukherjee & Miriam Taverniers
  • Multimodal Analysis of Picture Books that Challenge Gender Stereotypes and the Concept of the Traditional Family – chaired by A. Jesús Moya Guijarro (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain).
    Featured speakers: Izaskun Elorza, María Martínez Lirola & Carmen Santamaría García
  • SFL and Genre Pedagogy in the Tertiary Context – Promises & Realities – chaired by Jim Donohue (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Sheena Gardner (Coventry University).
    Featured speakers: Shooshi Dreyfus, Helen Drury, Silvia Pessoa, Emily Purser & Trish Weekes
  • Social Semiotics and the Animal Other – chaired by Alison Rotha Moore (University of Wollongong) & Daniel Lees Fryer (Østfold University College)
    Featured speakers: Bob Hodge, David Kellogg & Fang Li

Each symposium will conclude in a single day and is scheduled to run in parallel with other conference papers.

Key Dates

Call for Papers
1st March 2021

Submission opens
12th April 2021

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20th June 2021

Notification of acceptance
30th July 2021

Early Bird Registration opens
4th August 2021
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16th August 2021

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10th September 2021

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15th September 2021

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